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By using the website, the user agrees on regardless of the residency or business location, all the disputes in relation to the terms and conditions of use shall be resolved in Tampa, Florida.

Absolute Holidays reserves the rights to remove/modify the contents of the website including but not limited to the discounts, special offers, featured products and services, fees or surcharges in the usage of the website, terms of use, privacy policies and many more aspects. The usage of the website will be subject to the terms of use at the time of access to the website.

System Errors

Under the circumstances of a system error concerning the air travel prices, holiday package costs, hotel reservation prices and any other sort of product and service displayed on the website of absoluteholidays.us, Absolute Holidays reserves the rights to deny the selling of the particular booking on the erroneous price. Only after the errors being resolved, the customer will be notified by absoluteholidays.us along with the booking reference and correct price of the service and required the difference of the cost to be paid in full to proceed ahead with the reservation. At the time of notification on the updates of corrected price, the customer will be given the option to cancel the reservation against the erroneous price.

Information from the Third Party

A number of services, products and contents projected on the website are taken from the service providers such as airline details, hotel details, cruise service information, travel insurance details and much more. Furthermore, there are certain software embedded with the websites that are for updated information and the copyrighted property of the respective service providers also known as the third parties.

Relationship between the Travel Website and the Suppliers

absoluteholidays.us forbids any partnership, joint venture, agency relationship, employment or any other fiduciary relation between the customer and the travel website. absoluteholidays.us acts as an independent contractor during the business of a travel agency. The business of absoluteholidays.us is to find the best arrangements to meet the customers whilst finding the suppliers for the products and services required for the customers based on the various determining factors as per the specific itinerary. Please note, these suppliers and travel consolidators often offer the company as well as the travel counselors incentives and commissions and compensations to meet their goals, sales and marketing as well as administrative services including providing space in marketing channels, participation in various marketing campaigns and offers and assisting in technological support.

Furthermore, absoluteholidays.us often gets various kinds of compensations and rebates depending on various modes of payments by the customers. On various occasions, the website binds on a temporary business relationship with the suppliers and travel consolidators on some arrangements, incentives and compensations that are subject to change. In addition, we also give preferences to our partner suppliers depending on the required availability, preferences of the customers and other variable factors based on the travel website's policies. Thus, at times, the itineraries recommended by our travel agents may get influenced by the relationship between the travel website and the travel supplier.

Use of the Website

The usage of the website of absoluteholidays.us shall only be done for the purpose of legitimate reservation or purchase of services offered by the travel agency and shall not be used for other purposes. The website is the property of absoluteholidays.us and we do not allow any sort fraudulent activity including:

  • False Reservation or Reservation against Anticipated Demands
  • Use of automatic or manual algorithms, programs and methods such as spider or robot to copy the information, contents and any page of the website.
  • Linking any part of the website to third party without written authorization from absoluteholidays.us.
  • Usage of the website for any legal law violation.
  • Framing or mirroring the website or any part of the website to incorporate in any other website without written authorization by absoluteholidays.us.

By using the website, you acknowledge and agrees to these terms and will not use the website or permit the usage of the website for such purposes in your conjunction with business activity by a user residing/staying/accessing the website from the country prohibited under the US Export and/or the Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations as well as regulations as per the sanctions, country program embargoes or against. For further information in the context of these regulations, kindly visit to the www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Pages/default.aspx. The user will become an unauthorized user of the website automatically if one breaches of these obligations.

Additionally, by the use of the website, the user agrees to insure and hold harmless absoluteholidays.us as well as the service providers of the website for any breach of the terms of Use of the website section.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

By the purchase of the products and services from absoluteholidays.us, the user/customer agrees to abide the terms and conditions of the respective service provider selling the services via absoluteholidays.us including but not limited to the rules and restrictions related with the availability and usage of the products and services, payment of the amount when due and compliance with the respective service provider's policies. Kindly note, any violation of these terms and conditions, policies, rules and restrictions imposed by the service providers by the user/customer will lead to:

  • The customer forfeit the amount paid for the services including the reservation or purchase of the services.
  • Cancellation of the products/services purchased from absoluteholidays.us
  • Denial of access to the flights/hotels/other products or services against the respective reservation.
  • Charges from the account of the customer by us based on the any cost incurred resulted from such violation.

By making a reservation with absoluteholidays.us, the user acknowledge and takes full responsibility for any charge, fee, tax, assessment arose from the use of the website.

Age Restriction

By accessing the website of absoluteholidays.us, the user confirms that the user is of legal and sufficient age to use the website and is bonded with the legal obligation against any liability occurred during the usage of the website. In the scenarios when the minor is accessing the website, the supervisor had the account to use the website shall take the responsibility for any liability. Furthermore, the user takes the full responsibility that every information provided by the user of the website during the reservation/usage of the website process is true and correct. In addition, the user takes complete responsibility for his/her account is used to access the website and/or make reservations under the user's name. absoluteholidays.us reserves the rights to deny the access of the website at any given time for any reason without prior notice as well as limitation of breach of the terms of use of the website.


Kindly note, all the contents/services and materials provided on the website shall be used at the sole risk of the user. absoluteholidays.us and all the contents/services provided on the website are provided as availability and as it is.

Service Provider Disclaimer

Certain products/services offered on the website are from the independent service providers and contractors that neither are the employees nor the representatives of the absoluteholidays.us. absoluteholidays.us works as an independent sales agent for these service providers and takes no responsibilities against the errors, facts, representations, negligence, actions, omissions or concerns related with the service provider and in case of any personal concern such as injury, lost, property damage, death or expense of the same nature during the usage of the services provided by the respective service provider, absoluteholidays.us is immune for any claim or defamation of reputation. Furthermore, absoluteholidays.us shall not be held liable for any claims or refund against events like cancellation, over booking, act of war, strike, terrorism, delay, disease, quarantine or other Force Majeure events or reasons caused by our direct control and shall not be held responsible for any claim against additional expenses due to delays, re-routing or omission of any governmental authority. In addition, only because certain products/services are offered on the website of absoluteholidays.us, does not mean that we endorse or recommend such product or services to the user/customer.

Limitation of Liability

Neither absoluteholidays.us nor its service providers shall be held responsible and liable for any damage to your property due to the usage of the website, downloading information and/or media from the website and caused by the viruses infecting your hardware, computer, digital data and property. Under no circumstances, absoluteholidays.us or its service providers shall be held liable for loss, claim, injury, damage or consequential damage of any kind whether based on strict liability, tort, contract or otherwise that is connected or caused by (1) any use of the website or content found within the website, (2) delay or failure such as inability to use the website or its components for reservation (3) performance/non-performance of absoluteholidays.us or any service provider even in the case of such party is already advised of damage. In a few states, limitation of liability is not allowed. Hence, the forgoing liability may not be applicable to the user from the respective states.

In other states that apply the limitation of liability, absoluteholidays.us or its service providers when found liable for any loss or damage arose out of the above-mentioned reasons or in any way connected with the above-described functions or by the usage of the website and its contents, the liability of each of absoluteholidays.us and its service provider shall not exceed in any event the transactional fees charged for the transaction on the website or US$ 100.00.

Under its sole discretion, apart from other rights and remedies available with absoluteholidays.us and without any responsibility, absoluteholidays.us can restrict or terminate the usage or access to the website and its component without any prior intimation.

Travel to Some Specific Destinations

Even though, most of the domestic and international destinations are traveled completely without any reported incidents, traveling through some of the specific destinations involves more risk than the usual. While absoluteholidays.us is offering travel deals and services to travel to those specific destinations, we do not endorse or encourage our customers to travel to these destinations. absoluteholidays.us strongly recommends the user/customers to review the latest travel advisories related with the respective destination you are planning to travel and confirm about any warning or restrictions issued by the government of the United States prior to making your reservation with absoluteholidays.us. absoluteholidays.us shall not be held liable for any loss or damage while traveling to a particular destination.

Furthermore, absoluteholidays.us strongly recommends the customers to obtain the required documents and complete the process of documentation required for international travel. absoluteholidays.us shall not be held responsible or accounted for any liability in case of any denial of boarding of flight, entering in another country due to incomplete or lack of required travel documents.

Transmission of Personal Data

By using the website, the user/you concede, agree and share the consent about the usage of every information provided while using the website of absoluteholidays.us or making a reservation, purchase or query. We at absoluteholidays.us share all the necessary information with our travel suppliers at the time of reservation or query as per the need of the process. For more information on how we use the data and information provided by you while using the website, kindly refer to our Privacy Policy.


The user shall indemnify absoluteholidays.us, its agents, the service providers, their parents, partners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees and affiliates against and from any sort of demand, cause of action or claim (including but not limited to the accounting fee and acceptable legal fee) brought by the third party that is resulted from the usage of the website by the user.


The trademark information, logo and other service related marks available on the website are the sole property of absoluteholidays.us and the authorized service providers. Every information, content, design and other programs and software available on the website are protected by the copyright.


The above-mentioned terms of use are governed by and constructed in agreement with the Laws of State of Florida without any regard to conflict of the law provision. In case of any provision in the terms of use mentioned above is deemed invalid, unenforceable, void or held unlawful, then that certain provision shall considered dissociated from these Terms of Use and will not affect the legal validation and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Chargebacks and Credit Card Disputes

At the time of doing business with absoluteholidays.us:

The user/customer shall agree to not to dispute the charges of airline tickets, fee for processing, package price adjustment, upgrade of hotel arrangements and more if absoluteholidays.us is abided by the payment and terms of use of the respective service provider as well as this agreement.

It is the responsibility of the customer/user to contact absoluteholidays.us in case of not receiving the confirmation and vouchers of the travel/airline tickets after the given period of time while booking.

In case a customer requires to investigation against any suspicious charge on the provided credit card at the time of business with absoluteholidays.us, it is the responsibility of the customer to call absoluteholidays.us or write to us with the concern prior to submitting any dispute on the charge with the credit card company. In case of unlawful attempt of chargeback against services including non-refundable airline flight ticket, price adjustment of the package, service fee, convenience fee or failure of discount coupons that meet the terms of use of the website and service provider, the customer agrees for being liable to refund the complete chargeback amount along with the penalty of US$ 250 for inconvenience and accounting fees. Furthermore, in the scenario when the customer attempts for a fraudulent chargeback, he/she shall be held responsible for the cost to initiate the legal procedure against the potential loss caused by the customer.

In the situation of cancellation of travel services/transport services when the customer is found innocent whilst not violating any terms and conditions prior established and evidently agreed and revealed by the customer, the sum of the respective service that is not provided will be paid promptly to the customer only when the customer has advised the service provider in writing post cancellation. However, the provision will not be applicable in the in the situation when the service provider has forwarded the payment to another registered service provider of the respective service without obtaining any sort of refund as well as the service provider defaults in giving the agreed service. In such circumstances, the service provider shall provide the customer with bank statements and a written statement stating the payment.

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