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We at Absolute Holidaysare happy to have you here. Thank you for choosing us. Use of any services/products through this website is subject to your acceptance of our payment and booking terms and conditions. By using, accessing, or obtaining any products, services, or content through Absoluteholidays, you (herein, “you” or “customer”) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. For a better experience, we would recommend you to go through our following terms and conditions precisely before making any purchase or booking from our website.

Payment Acceptance Policy

We at Absolute Holidays accept all major credit and debit card issues in the USA, Canada, and other various countries as mentioned in the billing section. We also accept payment related to AE/AP billing addresses.


Your credit/debit card may be billed in multiple charges totaling the final total price. If your credit/debit card or other form of payment is not processed or accepted for any reason, we will notify you within 24 hours (it may take longer than 24 hours for non credit/debit card payment methods). Prior to your form of payment being processed and accepted successfully, if there is a change in the price of air fare or any other change, you may be notified of this change and only upon such notification you have the right to either accept or decline this transaction. If you elect to decline this transaction, you will not be charged..


All hotel, tour, activities, and car rental bookings are only confirmed upon delivery of full confirmation details to the email address you provided with your reservation. In a few cases, advance payment is needed to receive confirmation.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

When our system receives your payment information, it may process the data to consider whether there is a risk of fraud. We at Absolute Holidays believe that this procedure will guard you from any fraudulent activity/charges on our websites. We don’t take any responsibility related to fraud detection or prevention. In order to establish the validity of your payment information, we may contact you or your financial institution.
We may ask for a temporary charge to your account usually of USD 1 or less, as a part of the fraud detection process. However, this temporary fee does not reflect a purchase of any travel-related products or services from our site. If the charge is not removed from your account, you should contact your financial institution.
If We determines that that the submission of payment information constitutes a sufficient fraud risk, in our sole discretion, we will decline to process the transaction and notify you at the email provided that the booking request was declined. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your payment information. We are not responsible for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your account or payment information, either with or without your knowledge.
Users, please note that in some circumstances, we ask you to fill out a credit card authorization form and email us the front and back of the card with an official ID such as a passport or driving license.

Disclosure of Financial Information

When you purchase with AbsoluteHolidays , we may disclose any information to your bank or other financial institution and even 3rd party intermediaries involved in the transaction. By using our products and services, you allow us to share payment data to process your booking request.

Booking Requirements

Generally, flight tickets are non-refundable, non-chargeable, and non-cancellable. In the least cases, an airline may allow a change in date only with a fee which initially increases your ticket price.
All reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking. If a child is below the age of 18 years, he/she must be accompanied by one adult. Children 12 years and above are considered adults for pricing and ticketing purposes.
All flight tickets are subject to particular rules and regulations imposed by the individual airlines which are subject to change at any time.
Until the airline issues a ticket number, your reservation is not confirmed. Once it’s confirmed, your confirmation mail will be sent to your shared email address. In case you do not receive any confirmation mail from our side, please call us at (888-485-0220) or drop an email to contact@travelabsolute.com .com. Don’t forget to mention your airline ticket number.

  • Once the reservation has been made, no name changes are allowed
  • Flight tickets are non-transferable and can’t be issued to other passengers
  • To process airline tickets, we may take upto 72 hours
  • Seat preference and in-flight meal choice will be sent to the airline, it can’t be guaranteed
Note:- Seats, meals, frequent flyer programs, and other special requests are a matter of availability and policies. Each airline has a different policy. We recommend our users to contact the airline directly to confirm these requests before your departure. Any service fees that we charge for making such special requests on your behalf are non-refundable

Baggage and other Ancillary Airline Fees

The airline may ask you for additional charges at the airport for certain products and services. If you exceed the prescribed baggage allowance/limit, you may ask for the extra fee as some airlines do not allow free baggage allowance. Before making any purchase, just go through the baggage policy of the airline or you may directly contact your airline before your departure date.
Usually, airlines regularly update their fares and other charges. Fares are subject to change and are not guaranteed until the booking is confirmed by the airline and the ticket number is issued.

  • A valid and active mobile number and email address is needed to secure your flight booking
  • The current max number of tickets per transaction is 9
  • The name on each flight ticket must match the valid ID shown at the airport during the security check
  • Passengers are solely responsible for having all valid travel documents for international flights including Visa, Passports, inoculation records, and more

System Error

If there is any system error related to the pricing of airline tickets, hotel, car rentals, or any other booking from our website, Absolute Holidays withholds the right NOT to sell the booking at the erroneous price. Once our system error is resolved, we will immediately inform you about the best and correct price. At the same time, we will not recommend you to choose the erroneous reservation at the alter price.

Right Reserve to Cancel

Once your booking request is confirmed, Absolute Holidays reserves the right to cancel your confirmed booking, if full payment is not received within a prescribed time slot. We also have the right to cancel your confirmed booking in case of fraud and other illegal activity. Note* We do not control air carriers that provide air travel services. If any air carrier cancels your booking, you are suggested to contact the air carrier directly.

Taxes, charges, and fees

  • Charges appearing in your credit card could be in the name of the airline or our travel websites or any one of our service providers or one of our consolidators.
  • A processing fee of up to $50.00 USD may be charged for each ticket to cover varied expenses, including procurement, fulfilment, quality control and servicing of the flight ticket. All applicable fees are included in the Total Trip Cost as quoted.
  • All price adjustments and processing fees are charged by Absolute Holidays and may appear on your credit card as a separate charge.All processing fees and fare adjustments are non-refundable
  • When a customer agrees to pay the final account balance on the final booking page, applicable shipping charges for paper tickets will be added, if applicable.
  • Charges on credit card may be itemized for each customer by the airline
Phone Service Fee:- When a ticket is booked through agent assitance, a non-refundable charge of USD 100 per ticket may be added by the Absolute Holidays contact center.

Exceptions to the service fees policy for online bookings

  • First and Business Class Airline Tickets- Up to USD 150 per ticket service fee
  • High-risk/High-fraud cities- Upto USD 100 per ticket service fee
  • Flight outside the US or Canada- Upto USD 75 per ticket
There is no additional representation or warranty made for the service fee charged. It covers only booking creation, site usage, and assistance of our phone agent in searching airfares and travel products, if applicable. Service fees may change any time and the updated fees may not reflect immediately.

Bank and Credit Card Fee

Some banks and credit card companies charge a fee for international transactions. They will appear on your credit or bank card statement as a foreign or international transaction fee. For example, if you make a travel reservation through our website from outside the United States using a U.S. credit card, your bank may convert the payment amount to your local currency and may charge you a fee for the conversion. The amount of the charge appearing on your credit or bank card statement may be in your local currency and different than the purchase amount shown on the billing summary page for the reservation. In addition, a foreign transaction fee may be assessed if the bank that issued your credit card is located outside the United States. Booking international travel through our website may be considered an international transaction by the bank or credit card company since Absoluteholidays may pass your payment on to an international travel supplier. Your bank or credit card company determines the currency exchange rate and the amount of the foreign transaction fee on the day it processes the transaction. Please contact your bank or credit card company should you have any questions about these fees or the exchange rate applied to your transaction.

Cancel and Refund

When you request a cancellation, a processing fee by Absolute Holidays may be charged for all permitted cancellations for refundable fares. Most airline service fees and airline tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. Vacation protection insurance can be refunded within 10 days of purchase provided travel has not begun and the customer has called us to cancel. All cancellations should be made via phone only. We accept refund requests only after the following conditions have been met:-

  • The passenger has requested cancellation and refund with us and the airline rules allow for the same
  • Passengers should not be a “no show”. Most no-show bookings are not eligible for refund processing from suppliers.
  • Waivers are secured from the airlines by us to process the request for refund and cancellation
All requests for refunds are processed in a sequence. Once a notification is sent to the customer service agent, an email will be sent by Absolute Holidays to confirm such a request. Please note that this email is just an acknowledgment of your refund request and does not qualify for a refund. The entire process may take 60-90 days. Apart from the refund penalties imposed by the airline, an amount of USD 100 per ticket will be charged by AbsoluteHolidays . These fees will be assessed only if the airline has authorized the refund or a waiver has been received and when such refunds are permitted by rules of the airline. In case the airline does not process your refund, we will refund you the processing fees charged by us.

Cancel and Future Credit

Generally, airline tickets are fully non-refundable and non-transferable. In some cases, airlines allow cancellation in the form of credit. You can use these credits in the future to fly with the same airline. The expiration date of these credits must be checked with the airline or customer service agent.
You must cancel your ticket 24 hours before your departure date to get future credit within the given time. We do not guarantee any cancellation or credit as it fully depends on the airline's rules and regulations. At the time of booking cancellation, a cancellation fee of $50 per ticket is payable to us. This fee is retained by us. The credit available must be used within a certain time period and date or you will lose the credit amount. When making a new booking, you will have to pay the applicable fare difference, airline penalties absoluteholidays exchange fees. All such changes are governed by the rules and regulations of the airlines. No representations or guarantees on fees or changes are provided by Absoluteholidays. .

Cancel and Exchange/Rebook

For itineraries where the airline permits changes, a change/exchange fee is charged by Absoluteholidays, along with fare difference if any and airline penalties. The total cost of the exchanged ticket can be rightly ascertained by calling our customer center. We make no additional representation for our exchange fees except the assistance of an agent in locating your new desired flights and making attempts to re-book new flights subject to availability and other factors.Our Ticket Exchange fees (not including airline penalty fees and fare difference)- .

  • For domestic travel is USD 100, where the travel departure date is more than 7 days away
  • For domestic travel is USD 150, where the travel departure date is within 7 Days
  • For international travel, our ticket exchange fee is USD 200, when the travel departure date is more than 7 days away
  • For international travel, our ticket exchange fee is USD 300, when the travel departure date is within 7 days away

Chargebacks and Credit Card Disputes

The customer agrees not to dispute airline ticket price, processing fee, or fare adjustment if Absolute Holidays has followed the terms and conditions of the airline and this agreement.

In case, the customer has question about any charges on their credit card, please call us at +1 (813) 666-1236 or you can send an email to customer service (contact@travelabsolute.com) before disputing the charge with the credit card company.If the customer attempts a chargeback on a non-refundable airline ticket, service fee or a fare adjustment that meets the terms and conditions of the airline and this agreement; the customer agrees to refund the full amount of the chargeback plus a 50% penalty for the inconvenience and accounting fee.

In cases where the customer attempts a fraudulent chargeback, the customer will be responsible for legal and collection costs in order to recoup the potential loss imposed by the customer

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Privacy Policy
  • TSA asks you to provide your full name, DOB, and gender to see the list screening, under the authority of 49 U.S.C section 114, the Intelligence Reform and Terrrisoam Prevention Acts p0f 1004 and 49 C.F.R. parts 1540 and 1560.
  • You may also ask for your Redress, if available
  • If you fail to offer your full name DOB and gender, it may result in denial of transport or denial of authorization to enter the boarding area.
  • Transportation Security Administration may share information with law enforcement and intelligence agencies for record purposes.
  • For more information on TSA policies, please visit the official website of TSC https://www.tsa.gov./
(Found in Section 1560.103 of the Secure Flight Rule)

What is Secure Flight and what does it do?

To improve the travel experience of all flight passengers, the government brought a secure flight program to streamline the security watch-list matching process.

What information will be collected by Secure Flight?

The Secure Flight program demands all airlines to provide a correct passenger's name as shown on the official ID used for travel; DOB; Gender; and Redress number (if applicable).

Why is Secure Flight Collecting this information?

The Transportation Security Administration decided that collecting additional birth and gender data could surely decrease the number of passengers misidentified as a match to the watch list.

What happens if my airline didn’t ask for any additional information?

As a passenger, you shouldn’t be concerned if your airline doesn’t ask you to provide additional information. It should not affect your travel.

If the name printed on my boarding pass is different from what appears on my government ID, will I still be able to fly?

For hustle-free travel, you’re advised to ensure that the name you provide during your booking matches the name of your official documents such as your passport. This is the name used by the TSA for security purposes. Your boarding pass will only be issued after the TSA has reviewed your given information.

How do I know if I am on the No-Fly list?

If you have issued a boarding pass, you’re not on the No-FLy List. If you are still denied boarding, you may seek redress through the Department of Homeland Security.

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